The Martian Book vs Movie

Zoe: Hi everyone, hope your week has been great. I thought I would mix things up a bit seeing as we have been doing a lot of reviews, and do a movie vs book post. Today I am comparing The Martian’s book (by Andy Weir), which I read mid-January with the movie (starring Matt Damon) which I watched quite a while ago so sorry if I forget or miss anything. I thought this would be a fun way to look at both the different materials and see which one I personally liked more. (more…)


Cinder by Marissa Meyer Review

Hello everyone, it’s Zoe here today and I am doing a review on the book I have been promising myself to read for around a year and which I finally finished! It is the first book popular series The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, so here we go!


September TBR ~ 2017

Annike: Hey guys! Don’t even ask me how it is already September. Honestly, this year has gone go unbelievable fast so far and it is crazy that it is already September but I’m excited to hopefully have a better reading month than last month. We’ll be on holidays towards the middle of the month too which is great! So let’s get on and show you some of the books we want to read this month. (more…)

Replica by Lauren Oliver

Hey guys it’s Zoë here today after like a month of posting, so sorry, but I have finally finished Replica by Lauren Oliver! This book has been on my TBR list since January and I have been reading it since then, on and off, so I am so glad I finally finished it and wanted to do a quick review on it, so here we go… (more…)

Burn Out by Kristi Helvig Book Review

Zoe: Hey Guys, its Zoe here today, and I’m going to be doing a review on the book Burn Out by Kristi Helvig which I recently finished. 


May 2016 TBR

Zoe: Hey Guys, so today we are going to be showing you what we are hoping to read next month, so let’s get into it! (more…)

Book review Questionnaire – The Carrier of the Mark

Zoe: Hey guys its me here today doing a review on the most recent book I read, The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon. I chose a number of questions which I made up and decided to answer them for the book review.


Book Review ~ Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

Zoe: Hey guys, sorry we haven’t posted in awhile. Because it’s holidays we were away for a while at the beginning of the week and everything has kind of caught up to us.  Today Annike and I are going to do a joint review on the book Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne.

In the End and In the After ~ Book Review

Annike: Hey guys, it’s Annike here today with a book review on a book you may not have heard of, called “In the After” and it’s sequel “In the End” by Demitria Lunetta. I certainly had never heard of it before I picked it up, but I ended up devouring both books and really loving them.   (more…)