Top 5’s

Annike’s Favourite 5 Books of 2016

Hey guys, so Zoe and I decided to make different, individual posts for our favourite books for 2016 and wrap up the year in order to keep the posts a bit shorter. So without further ado, here are my favourite books of 2016, plus a few honourable mentions that just weren’t able to make the cut!! (In no particular order) (more…)


Top 5 Books Each We Would Buy

Annike: Hey guys, so Zoe and I didn’t have a book that we wanted to review so instead we decided we would do a top 5 activity, where each of us gave our 5 favourite books that we would purchase if we could at this given moment, so let’s go for it! (more…)

Favourite 5 YA Female Characters


Annike: Zoe and I decided to do a ‘Favourite Female Characters in YA Books’ list. We chose some of our favourite female characters, included a short paragraph on why we liked them and ended it with our favourite quote of theirs. So we will get straight into it. 


Top 5 Young Adult Covers


Zoe: Hey guys, we are back today with our top 5 favourite YA book covers. These are books which we may or may not have read, but we picked them because we LOVED their covers:) We have seen blogs such as: disappointing eye candy, done a lot around WordPress in the last couple of weeks and though we would give it a go, but not with disappointing storylines, but ones which we either really want to read or have read and loved.  

Annike: I know for a fact that Zoe is obsessed with picking her books sometimes entirely based on their covers, against contrary belief but without further ado let’s get right into it. In no particular order, here are our top 5 favourite Young Adult covers!


Top 5 Young Adult Mystery Novels


Annike: Hello again, so Zoe and I are back, this time with a ‘top 5’ post. Today we chose the genre: Mystery and decided to share some of our favourite novels from this genre. The books are all Young Adult books that we read in the last couple of years and really enjoyed, so with further ado, let’s get into it.