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Burn, Rewrite, Reread Book Tag

Annike: Hey guys, recently we were tagged in the Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag by Book Princess Reviews. Mandy is one of my all time favourite bloggers so definitely go and check out her blog. Thank you so much for the tag, i’ve been wanting to do this one for ages 🙂 (more…)

New York Times ‘By The Book’ Tag and The Book Fests Award!!

Annike: Hey guys, so today we are doing a dual tag so will be dividing and conquering to complete both in the one post! The first tag will be the New York Times by the Book Tag and then The Book Fests Award. Thank you so much to BookFandom1001 and My Shelf and Myself for the tags, let’s go! (more…)

Celebrating the Little Things Tag and 500 Followers!!

Annike: Hey guys, so we hit 500 followers just recently and I firstly wanted to say a big, big thank you to all of you because this seriously means so much to Zoe and I. We absolutely love being part of this amazing community and we couldn’t be more grateful for all of you wonderful people who are reading our posts and following us.

In honour of this we were hoping to maybe do a Q and A, so if you have any fun questions we could answer please leave them below so that you guys can get to know a little more about us and our lives.  (more…)

The Stationary Book Tag

Annike: Hey guys, so both me and Zoe are here today for a tag called the stationary book tag. We were nominated by several blogs who I will list below and they are all amazing so please go check out their posts and blogs: (more…)