The Music Book Tag

Zoe: Welcome back everyone, we have been tagged by the wonderful @Charlotte Annelise to do the Music Book Tag which I have been wanting to do for ages because it looks awesome. Sorry for the lateness of this tag…we were tagged quite a while ago but I really wanted to give it a go:). Massive  shout out to @Bookchanted who created this tag. Please go check out both of these bloggers as they are both have amazing blogs!



  • Link back to me as Bookchanted, as the creator of the tag. I want to read your answers y’all!!
  • You can use the graphics if you want
  • Tag at least four other people!
  • HAVE FUN!!!!



1. Ed Sheeran: An adorable book that left you feeling warm and fuzzyThe_Selection_Series2.jpg

Literally the whole ‘The Selection‘ Series by Kiera Cass. I read them quite a while ago but thought they were so cute!

2. Taylor Swift: A book with way too much drama to keep track of


I would have to go with The Third Twin by C.J Omololu. There was a lot going on in that book and I think I definitely got a bit lost part way thorough.

3. Zayn Malik: The broody, mysterious character you totally fell for


I wouldn’t say he was exactly mysterious but Olly from the book ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon. He was so cute andI loved him and Carla together.

4. Fall Out Boy: A series that just keep getting better and better


I really don’t know many series that get better as they continue. I might say the ‘Red Queen’ series by Victoria Aveyard, not necessarily because they are getting ‘better’ but because I don’t think they have gotten worse so far:/.

5. Halsey/Demi Lovato: A badass female character you really admire


Grace from ‘How I lost you’ by Janet Gurtler. I think she is a badass in her own right. Although she might not be classified as that at first glance, when I was reading the book I found her so relatable, determined and caring and loved her as a character.

6. One Direction: The romantic, cheesy book you couldn’t help but love


I have read a lot of these kinds of book and not enjoyed them at all but I thought ‘P.S I like you’ by Kasie West was actually better than I was expecting and was so cute. (Although I don’t like One Direction)

7. Adele: A book that delivers a really powerful message


I would probably say ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood. I do think it is a bit confronting but think the idea behind it is really strong.

8. Miley Cyrus: A book/series that exceeded your expectations


I would have to go with ‘My Sisters Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult. I had heard it was good but I was worried it was going to be too medical/science-y. I actually ended up loving it and am so glad I read it!

9. Katy Perry: A book/series that didn’t live up to the hype


Probably ‘Illuminae‘ by Amie Kaufman. I didn’t even finish it because I was so confused and lost in the story that after 200 pages I decided to give up:/

MY NOMINEES: (sorry if you have already been tagged to do this:)

1. Angie Elle @Books & Beauty Are My Bag

2. Ananya @The Food and Book Life

3. @KC’s Beads and Books

4. Sarah @Life of an Average Girl

5. Jessica @Reading with Jessica

Thank you so much for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my music inspired book choices. If you agree (or disagree) with any of the books I mentioned above or have read any of them make sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments below as we always love to chat to you all! Hope you are having a lovely week and had an awesome Christmas surrounded by loved ones. Thanks again, we will be back with another post soon. x



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