The Sunshine Blogger Award 2

Zoe: Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Annike and I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award 2 by the wonderful Katie @Read with Katie. Thank you so much for the nomination, sorry it has taken us so long to do, but I urge you all to go check out and follow her amazing blog!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.
  3. Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award.

Katie’s Questions:

1.Do you ever buy books solely because you love the cover?

Annike: I think covers probably influence my decision to a small extent but in a bookstore I will always make sure that I like the sound of the book before I spend my money on it.

Zoe: Absolutely! I love reading a book with a nice cover. I literally bought Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer based on the beautiful cover!

2. Do you own/collect multiple editions of the same book?

Annike: Nope, I don’t think I would find this very purposeful at all.

Zoe: No. I don’t buy all that many books and when I do, I generally believe one is enough:)

3. Do you play an instrument?

Annike: I play the clarinet 🙂

Zoe: Yes I do, I play the flute.

4. What is one genre you want to read more from?

Annike: I’d love to get into classics more because I think they have the greatest educational value, but other than that just any books that really engage me.

Zoe:  I would really like to read more Historical fiction and classics. I haven’t picked up a lot of these kinds of books but the ones I have I have really enjoy and would like to read more. If any of you have any suggestions make sure to tell me in the comments!

5. Does anyone else in your family love reading?

Annike: I think pretty much everyone in my family loves reading. My parents both read lots and of course Zoe as well.

Zoe: Well obviously Annike loves reading (probably the most in the family), and the rest of my family like reading but probably not as much.

6. What is a book you haven’t read but you think will be a 5 star read?

Annike: I think if I ever got to reading A Court of Mist and Fury it would be a 5 star, but I just never got around to it after ACOTAR. Other than that, the 3rd book of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (A Reaper at the Gates) would obviously be amazing.

Zoe: I think the second book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Scarlet), as I have heard amazing things about it and how it is definitely better than Cinder which I loved!

7. Do you take notes while reading?

Annike: Umm no. I think that would probably take the fun out of reading if I needed to document about it – but each to his own I guess 🙂

Zoe: No I don’t. At least not when I am reading for leisure. If I was reading a book for school I might but I don’t generally for books.

8. Do you have any other hobbies apart from reading?

Annike: I love staying active, and playing music but to be honest I spend a lot of my time working on school work and studying so its hard to find a lot of time for other hobbies.

Zoe: Absolutely, I love playing sport! I am a massive soccer fan and also love tennis and touch football. Additionally I like photography.

9. A book you want to read by the end of the year?

Annike: Definitely How To Kill a Mockingbird because I started it earlier this year and never finished it even though I seriously want to.

Zoe: There are a lot, but probably continue with the Lunar Chronicles series or the Throne of Glass series.

10. Do you keep a book even if you hated the story?

Annike: Yeah, I mean it can’t hurt to keep it there to make your bookshelf look better 🙂 but I guess it’ll be thrown out or given away sooner than the other great ones!

Zoe: I definitely do. I don’t like many of the books I have but I like finishing books even if I don’t love them.

11. What is your favourite time of day to read?

Annike: Definitely either late at night or early in the morning because I can’t really find any time during the day to do any reading and its a great time to wind down or not have a hundred things on my mind.

Zoe: I really love reading in the mid-afternoon because it is such a peaceful time of day. This is closely followed by night and reading in bed:)

Our Questions:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. Which books remind you of each season?
  3. What is your favourite post you have written?
  4. If you could relive a day in your life what would it be and why?
  5. A classic book that you love
  6. Your favourite book cover ever!
  7. A book you have read 3 times (or 2 if you haven’t read any 3 times)
  8. Dog or cat person
  9. Summarise your life in 3 songs
  10. What was the last movie you saw in the cinema?
  11. Plot twist you didn’t see coming?

Our Nominations:

We are going to nominate 11 bloggers were have recently discovered. I would highly recommend you all check out their amazing blogs. Sorry if any of you have done this before. Feel free to give it another go but don’t worry if you don’t want to:)

1. Paige @Just one more pa(i)ge

2. Cody @TheBookwormInMe

3. Lili @Lili’s Blissfull Pages

4. @Plot Monster

5. @The Sporadic Scribbler

6. Jagdeshwari @bibliphilesworldblog

7. @Laughing Listener

8. Kerrie @Comfy Reading

9. @Books, Books and More Books

10. Linda @The Book Cottage

11. Cam @Otter Loves Books

Zoe: Thank you so much everyone for reading this! If you guys feel like doing this tag please do, its lots of fun! If you have read any of the books we mentioned or agree/disagree with out answers make sure to tell us in the comments below. Thanks everyone, we’ll be back with another post soon. xxx



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