Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer

Hey guys it’s Zoë and today I am reviewing a book I recently finished called Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer, so here we go:

29564838.jpgIt’s the summer after high school ends and everyone is moving on. Winning scholarships. Heading to uni. Travelling the world. Everyone except Milo Dark. Milo feels his life is stuck on pause. His girlfriend is 200km away, his mates have bailed for bigger things and he is convinced he’s missed the memo reminding him to plan the rest of his life. Then Layla Montgomery barrels back into his world after five years without so much as a text message. 

As kids, Milo and Layla were family friends who shared everything – hiding out in her tree house, secrets made at midnight, and sunny afternoons at the river. But they haven’t spoken since her mum’s funeral. Layla’s fallen apart since that day. She pushed away her dad, dropped out of school and recently followed her on-again-off-again boyfriend back to town because she has nowhere else to go. Not that she’s letting on how tough things have been. 

What begins as innocent banter between Milo and Layla soon draws them into a tangled mess with a guarantee that someone will get hurt. While it’s a summer they’ll never forget, is it one they want to remember? 

This book actually only came out recently in March this year but when I first saw this book I instantly loved the cover. It really drew me in and I loved the premise focusing on a rekindled friendship of Milo and Layla who have both changed so much since they were childhood friends. Almost immediately as we were introduced to both Milo and Layla and them meeting again after 5 years. Their chemistry was really strong shown through their messages and they way they challenged and supported one another. The story ultimately explores the process of figuring out what you want to do after high school and focuses on two teenagers in the small Aussie town of Durnan. Throughout the book Layla is dealing with the grief of her mother dying as she revisits the town she grew up in when her mother was alive. Although 5 years have passed she hasn’t been able to deal with her grief which is why she has such a hard time having all her memories flood back. Unlike Layla, Milo is stuck in his old life and whilst everyone else has moved on his is still working in the parents book store and doesn’t really have a clue what to do next.

I think personally I related more to Milo as he is a misguided, lost teen who doesn’t really know what to do. He doesn’t really have a plan and his parents are constantly talking about a future he doesn’t want to have. Really they just want the best for him but he doesn’t know what he wants to do let alone now where that will take him. I thought Milo was well established and someone who was easy to connect with. Layla on the other hand was quite distant and cautious when it came to her feelings. I think she was really well portrayed and established as she was and dealing with the pain of losing of her mum when she was younger.

It feels like a different lifetime. Like someone’s pressed reboot and our time together is already fading into chalky pastels and fuzzy memories.

Both Milo and Layla had very complicated relationships which also affected the way they were dealing with life. Layla’s boyfriend was dealing pot but she didn’t want to leave as she had nowhere to stay, and Milo had a girlfriend who had moved away for University and was gradually losing touch with her. I think these relationships also had a big impact into the way they were both dealing with their lives but added a raw and honest truth of life and  how it can be very different to what you anticipated. I actually really liked the presence of Milo’s family as it contrasted entirely to Layla’s. We were introduced to Milo’s partying older brother who never got out of Durnan and his parents who are waiting for him to figure what he wants to do whilst trying to push him in the right direction. Layla really doesn’t have anyone and with her Dad leaving her when he was overcome with grief and her being alone. I thought the friendship of Layla and Milo was really sweet, raw and honest and although they had spent a long time away from each other they were able to rekindle their friendship quickly. The only reason I didn’t like this book as much as I was hoping was because I found it a bit slow and seemed to drag on despite being relatively short. The characters were well developed but I couldn’t connect that well with any of them. I thought it was also a bit predictable however the ending was hopeful and I thought it was a good way to wrap up this kind of book.

Overall I do think if you enjoy contemporary young adult books you will enjoy it as it is a light, heart-warming book and deals with many emotions in such a realistic and honest way. If you have read this book make sure to tell me how you enjoyed it in the comments below. Thanks for reading, we will be back with another post soon. x



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