Guest Post with MugglesforHarryPotter!!

Annike: Hey guys, you may or may not have seen on our last post but I mentioned that we were going to have our first guest post on Twin Tales this week and here it is! So Carolyn asked us about doing a guest post about 2 weeks ago and as something we have never done before, it sounded like a really good idea. Just chatting to her in the last week or so has been great and she’s a super nice girl with an amazing blog so definitely make sure you check out her blog (link at the end of post) and show her some love 🙂

I asked her a couple of questions to help myself and all of you get to know her a little better and she gave some awesome answers. So let’s go!

Questions about your blog

1. What is your favourite Harry Potter character and why?

This is such a hard question because I love every character so much in their own different way. BUT since I have to choose, I would have to be basic and say…. Hermione. I know, I know, that’s one of the most generic answers I could give but honestly, she’s such a badass. If it wasn’t for her saving Harry’s life again and again, he would be dead. And book Hermione is so much more feistier than movie Hermione although I love both!1468183945685

2. When did you start reading the HP series and who got you into them?

I had always been obsessed with Harry Potter but only the movies… I’m actually one of those stupid people who started reading the books after I had already watched the movies (maybe a thousand times if you want to be technical) because honestly growing up, I wasn’t a huge fan of reading. The thought of reading my FAVORITE series, Harry Potter, interested me but it never went any further. Until last May, I was doing one of my monthly Harry Potter marathons and I was texting my friend who is just as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am and I asked her a question about if the books showed Lupin and Tonks’ relationship because the movie barely brushed over it. She said they did and they go over WAY more stuff in full detail than the movies. At that point, my obsession for Harry Potter was at its peak (or so I thought) and so I decided, if I wanted to learn as much as I can about Harry Potter, I’ve got to push through and read these books! But coincidentally, reading these books actually gave me a new founding love for reading so it was a blessing in disguise!

3. What house do you belong in and what character is most like you?

HUFFLshield_hufEPUFF!! Represent! Most people wouldn’t be happy to be in Hufflepuff. I couldn’t be more proud. I mean we produced people like Cedric Diggory and Newt Scamander, kind, funny, passionate people! I’m totally fine sharing a house with the minds of people like them. BUT, with characters who I relate to the most, I’d have to go a house over to Ravenclaw and say Luna Lovegood. She’s so unique and goofy but doesn’t care what people think about how she acts and I think that’s why people respect her. At least once they stop calling her Loony Lovegood and get to know her. I’d have to say that’s definitely like me, I’m extremely goofy and different from what people expect and I’m sure people think I’m weird but if they get to know me, I’m sure they’d like me because it’s worked out so far!

Questions about books

1. Other than Harry Potter, what are some of your favourite books and authors?

I’d have to say other than Harry Potter, I love this series (I’m sure not many people know about) called the Cirque Du Freak Vampire Series. I read this series in 7th grade and considering that I wasn’t a fan of reading back then but I read this whole series, I’d say it was a pretty good series! Basically it’s about this boy, Darren, who gets bitten by a spider at a freak show and becomes a vampire and so the guy who the spider belongs to is also a Vampire and sort of takes him under his wing at the freak show but in order to do this, Darren has to fake his death and then after all of that, there’s a ton of problems that they face with all these creatures and vampires. It’s really good. Apparently I like stories about wizards and vampires… For authors, I obviously like J.K. Rowling, I’m a big fan of authors who tell true stories such as John Grogan who wrote Marley and Me.

2. What is your favourite genre?

I don’t think I have a favorite genre. It’s sort of like my music and movies, I love a huge variety. For example, I love reading Thrillers, who doesn’t? There’s usually a big twist in them and that always grabs the readers by surprise. But then Romance is also a good genre because it’s basically like me reading about a love life that I’ll never have, it’s great! (sense my sarcasm) And then, there’s of course fiction. I love when you get a sense of the imagination that is inside the author. I, for one, have no imagination so reading books like Harry Potter or Cirque Du Freak, we get an insight into that.
3. Do you prefer ebooks or books In real life?

One thousand percent books in real life. I don’t really know how to explain it but although I’m on my phone most of the time like the rest of this generation, there’s nothing like reading from an actual book. Picking it up, holding it in your hand, being able to physically turn the page, I don’t know why but that’s so much better to me than ebooks.

Questions about you!

1. When did you start your blog and why? Why did you call it what you did?

I’m a Communications/Sports Journalism major and I’m taking a class called Internet Journalism and basically the whole class is to just create, operate, and maintain a blog! I had always wanted to do a blog but I never knew where or how to start so this class really helped with that and I look forward to continuing it after my class. I called it MugglesforHarryPotter (which is very clever if I do say so myself (: ) because my professor told us about keywords and how the keywords should have words that people will search a lot about our topic. I figured muggles and Harry Potter are two things that Harry Potter fans search a lot and MugglesforHarryPotter just came to my head!

2. What is your favourite season?
Fall/Autumn is definitely, hands down, my favorite season. I played soccer in high school so fall was soccer season, that’s one reason why I love it but the main reason is the weather and the scenery. It’s BEAUTIFUL. The leaves changing color and the cool breeze is magnificent. Summer is nice but it gets way too hot, there’s no other season like fall.


3. What is your favourite hobby or school subject?

This is a hard one! I would say gym class if I was still in high school! But I’m not… so… I’d have to say any subject involving video editing. At my school and in my major, there are many classes that involve video editing and it is the pure joy of my existence! Besides Harry Potter of course…
Thanks so much for reading and getting to know me a little bit. Follow me on twitter at @1andonlycarol for updates on my blog posts and follow my blog for more of my blog posts! I have a unique tone to my blog posts and I hope you like them!



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