November Read ~ 2016

Annike: Hey guys, sorry again that this post is really late but school has been so busy lately and Zoe and I are really short of time, but we only have 3 more school days left so we will be back more often very soon. Today we are just going to be doing a monthly wrap up on the books we read and what we thought of them. Neither Zoe not I read too much this month but here’s to December being a bit better :)…

Annike’s Books

  1. The First Time she Drowned by Kerry Letter – 3.5 stars (5 days)
  2. Forgotten by Cat Patrick – 4 stars (1 day)
  3. Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella – 3 stars (4 days)
  4. The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do – 4 stars (2 days)
  5. Unfathomable Chance by K.T. Munson – 3.5 stars (6 days)


So I got around to 5 books this month which really isn’t very great at all but I’m hoping next month is a little better. I firstly reread the book Forgotten by Cat Patrick because Zoe and I watched a movie called Remembering Sunday with a very similar premise so it reminded me of it. Of course, that meant that I spent the whole next day finishing the story, which I really enjoyed the second time around too. Cat Patrick is definitely one of my favourite contemporary authors! The First Time she Drowned as well as Finding Audrey were two books focusing on the topic of mental health for a project I am doing at the moment and I found them really enjoyable too. I have reviewed both of them so make sure to check then out! Then there was The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do which is a book I have been meaning to get around to for ages and I found it so amazing and inspiring that I wish I had read it earlier! I don’t usually read autobiographies and all that but this one was definitely worth it. And lastly I read a science fiction book called Unfathomable Chance which was another really good one that I also got time to review. So yeah, that’s all for this month from me hopefully next month (which I can’t believe is December!!) will be even better and finish off the year really well 🙂

Zoe’s Books

  1. The Siren by Kiera Cass – 3.5 stars
  2. P.S. I Still Love You – Jenny Han – 5 stars

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 9.40.39 pm.png

Yes, I know, I only got around to reading 2 books this month which I am really disappointed about but the truth is I have just been busy and not really in the mood for reading :(. Anyway the 2 books I did end up finishing were both on my TBR which is a good sign and they were both really good, not to mention their beautiful covers. I read The Siren first by Kiera Cass which I did a review on earlier in the month and I thought it was pretty good but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I think that because I wasn’t as aware that it was a fantasy book I was a bit in the dark but the concept was really cool and I love Kiera Cass’ writing style so it was a really easy, enjoyable read. The second book I finished was P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han which I have been wanting to finish for SO long and when I finally sat down as really got into the book I couldn’t put it down and I thought it was awesome. I loved the characters however unfortunately I would still have to say the first one is definitely my favourite. Reading this has just made me even more excited for the third book which comes out next year!! I tried to promise myself I wouldn’t read any books in a series that haven’t all been released because I hate having to wait but unfortunately I broke this rule, purely because I didn’t know:) I would have to say that the ending was a bit quick and crammed a lot into it but I thought the writing was beautiful and the idea was also really well executed so it got 5 stars.

Annike: Thanks for reading guys, happy December!! We’ll be back with a December TBR later this month x


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