The Sunshine Blogger Award

Annike: Hey guys, so the wonderful Lu @ Girl Who Reads nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award. We absolutely love her blog, all her reviews and tags, so please go and check out her blog and follow her! She has submitted us with 11 questions so we’ll get right into them!


  • Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. 
  • Answer the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you
  • Nominate eleven new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog


Where do you prefer to read?

Annike: I think I prefer to read at home in my bedroom, preferably my bed but I’m not really that fussy.

Zoe: I don’t really think I have a preferred place to read however I love reading on the beach or in the sun in summer

E-books or physical copies?

Zoe: I know this is different but I really like reading E-books when they are available because I find them easier to read although I still do like reading hard copy books when I can.

Annike: Like pretty much everyone in the blogging community except for Zoe (she’s crazy) I much prefer physical copies of books to ebooks because it makes me feel much more like I’m progressing through the story and I just love everything about a physical copy!

What is the latest book you’ve read?

Annike: The latest book I actually read was one called Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall, which I have to admit I didn’t really like very much.

Zoe: The last book I read was Breathing Underwater by Sophie Hardcastle which I really enjoyed.

Is there a particular season where you read more books?

Annike: Not any particular seasons I don’t think, but definitely during school holidays when I have more time I read more books.

Zoe: Similar to Annike, I don’t really have a particular season I read more in.

Are you part of the bookstagram community?

A and Z: No we are both not part of the bookstagram community, I don’t think either of us are very interested in photographing our books but I (Annike) do follow a couple of bookstagrams on Instagram myself.

How long have you been blogging?

A and Z: We have been blogging since January this year so for around 8 months.

What do you love about blogging?

Annike: I seriously just love having an outlet to write down all of my feelings and thoughts on books because I never had that before but the community is so wonderful and I love getting to talk to people I would have never known, commenting and getting more book recommendations!

Zoe: I love the community and being able to have people around who are also interested in books and sharing everyone’s reading experiences.

What is your favourite type of post?

Annike: Probably book reviews and being able to share what I like about books but I also really so enjoy tags and questions and stuff.

Zoe: I really like plain book reviews on books people have recently read as these give me a really good insight into a couple of books and give me ideas on books i might want to read.

What is your favourite genre?

Annike: I really like reading contemporary young adult novels but only if they are written well otherwise they are super cheesy and boring. I also used to love science fiction and still love that and realistic fiction.

Zoe: I used to really like mystery books however I don’t really have a favourite genre anymore as I like to read a variety of different books.

What is your favourite book this year?

Annike: Probably The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey or The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. Both so different but so good!

Zoe: I have read so many good books this year so it would have to be between the Monument 14 series by Emmy Laybourne, The Selection series by Kiera Cass and the Trial by Fire Series Josephine Angelini.

What are you planning to read this autumn/winter?

Annike: It’s actually Spring currently where we live and I am planning on reading a number of books. I’m trying to read the City of Bones book from the Mortal Instruments series but I’m having a bit of trouble getting into it and finding it pretty slow 😦

Zoe: I don’t actually have many books that I’m really looking forward to reading so I just have to wait and see if I can find any good books.

Our Questions:

What’s your favourite book of all time?

How often do you spend reading each week?

What is your favourite movie adaption from a book?

What is your favourite book cover of all time?

Why did you call your blog what you did?

What Author would you want to meet the most?

What is your favourite book related social media site?

What are some names of book characters that you love?

Are you a member of a book club, if not would you want to be?

Why is your most anticipated 2017 novel?

Who is your book crush?

We Tag:



Beth@Reading Every Night

Mhay@Teariffic Books


Ceri-Ann@Quite a Novel Idea


Hannah@Pages Beyond Reality

Daph@Creased Book Spines

Vivian@Inked in Pages

Stephanie@Igniting Pages

Thanks for reading guys, if you have already been nominated for this award, sorry for nominating you guys again, but I hope some of you are able to participate and answer our questions 🙂 We’ll be back later this week x



  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I have already done this one but given the questions are different I’m more than happy to do it again! 🙂
    I loved reading your answers as well, I completely agree with what both of you said about the best parts of blogging; it’s great to have an outlet for all my thoughts on books and I’ve loved talking to everyone from the community, it’s definitely been the highlights of starting my own blog! 🙂
    Thanks again for the nomination. I can’t wait to answer the questions you set! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved your post, and thank you for the kind words about my account💕P.S City of Bones picks up a lot, and it’s one of my favourite series! I didn’t know that you started your blog in January, I did too!

    Liked by 1 person

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