The Reader’s Confession ~ Book Tag

Annike: Hey Guys, both myself and Zoe are here today to participate in ‘The Readers Confessions’ tag. We got tagged by the lovely Sophie from Book Wish, so if you aren’t following her, definitely do because we absolutely love her blog, it’s amazing! Without further ado, these are out answers-  

  1. Have you ever damaged a book?

Annike: Um, well definitely not on purpose but I guess a few ripped pages or broken spines

Zoe: No I don’t think so…

  1. Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

Annike: Luckily enough I don’t think I have, but once again probably by accident I inflicted minor damages 🙂

Zoe: No definitely not. 

  1. How long does it take you to read a book?

Annike: Some books can take me 1-2 days if I’m interested, others a little longer but it depends on how much time I have.

Zoe: It usually takes me around a week if I’m reading a pretty good book however if I’m really enjoying it it may only take a day or two and alternatively it can take me like a month if I have no motivation.

  1. Books that you haven’t finished?

Annike: There have been a number of books i haven’t finished sadly, which I never used to do 😦 I never found it in me to finish ‘Illuminae’ (which I know is very popular), ‘Beautiful Creatures’ and ‘Because You’ll never meet me’ just to name a few.

Zoe: I used to never not finish books but lately I haven’t finished a couple such as, The Nil by Lynne Matson, Sister Assassin by Kiersten White, Renegade by J.A Souders and a book that I’m positive I will finish someday but have been putting it off for around 4 months, Paper towns by John Green.

  1. Hyped/popular books you didn’t like only thought were OK?

Annike: I know that I thought the book ‘Uglies’ was only okay and I didn’t particularly like that one even though it is pretty popular as well as ‘This song will save your life’ maybe?

Zoe: I would have to say the first half of Paper towns by John Green and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Everyone says they loved these books but I never really got into them.

  1. Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

Annike: Hmmm, not really, I’m normally fine with what I read…

  1. How many books do you own?

Annike: I only started to love reading a couple of years ago, so I’ve only just started accumulating my books. At the moment not too many especially in regards to the books in my room.

Zoe: I don’t own many books as I like reading books online more than hard cover so I don’t have many.

  1. Are you a fast or slow reader?

Annike: I consider myself a fast reader but I guess I can be slow at points when I’m no longer interested. 

Zoe: I can be fast if I’m motivated however wouldn’t call myself a fast reader. There are some books that I can speed through because they are easy reads however If I really want to understand a book I can take a long time.

  1. Do you like to buddy read?

Annike: No way! I like much more to read by myself and can recommend them to other people later. I won’t even read a book at the same time as Zoe. 

Zoe: I don’t think I have ever buddy read before but I don’t think I would like to either as I like to read by myself.

  1. Do you read better in your head or out loud?

Annike: Definitely in my head, I mean I would never read out loud unless I’m reading to someone else.

Zoe: Probably in my head because it’s quicker and I don’t like reading aloud.

  1. If you were only allowed to own ONE book, what would it be and why?

Annike: OMG, this is so hard! As much as this is going to annoy Zoe, I’d have to say ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell. I absolutely love this book and literally read it like several times a year 🙂

Zoe: I have no idea about this one, I don’t think I would like to only have 1 book because I don’t really like re-reading books. I might just go with The 100 Homecoming because I really enjoyed this book and would definitely re-read it.

We Tag:

Brianna @ Paperback Bri

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Alicia @ Hashtaglovebooks

Sorry if you guys have already been tagged, if you haven’t however we’d love to see your answers 🙂 Thanks for reading guys, we’ll be back very soon with another post x



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