Books We Did Not Finish (DNF)

Zoe: Hey guys, so today we decided we would do something different and give you a small list of a number of book we may have started and never finished for a number of reasons and explain why.

Annike’s books:

  1. Because You’ll Never Meet me by Leah Thomas
  2. The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith
  3. Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari
  4. The Rain by Virginia Bergin

7671562.jpgHey, so this is just a list for me of the books in the last two months that I haven’t finished. I used to pretty much finish every book that I started and I very rarely turned away any, but this year I feel like i have a much shorter attention span and if I’m really not liking a book I find it easier to not finish it unless I am someway through where it would be a waste of time. I had heard that ‘Because You’ll never meet me’ was a fantastic book and while I’m sure that Leah Thomas did a great job with this I just couldn’t really come to like any of the character and I just didn’t click with the book at all. Then there was ‘The Geography of You and Me’ which I recently gave up on. I wasn’t a fan of some of Jennifer Smith’s other books and I guess that this one just didn’t hook me quick enough and seemed kind of bland. Then there was ‘Ashes, Ashes’ by Jo Treggiari which I was actually quite enjoying for a bit. I tried reading it in May and then in June but I never really got stuck in it enough to finish. Needless to say, I may end up picking this one up some time in the future and would not rule it out just yet. And finally, there is ‘The Rain’ by Virginia Bergin. As you may have noticed, Zoe actually just recently finished this one and there is a review on it up on our blog but I tried reading this book a little while ago back in May and I actually could not find a way to enjoy any bit of it. Zoe didn’t love it either which doesn’t give me much incentive to go back and pick it up, but I guess it just wasn’t to my liking.

Zoe’s books:

  1. Mind games – Kiersten White
  2. Paper Towns – John Green
  3. The Nil – Lynne Matson
  4. Renegade – J.A Souders

url-4.jpgI really don’t like not finishing books because once I start a book I feel really obliged to finish it, but on a few rare occasions I have not finished book for a number of reasons. I got the book Mind Games by Kiersten White when I was in year 6 and I started reading it but I thought the concept was really odd. I ended up giving up on it around halfway through because I got quite lost but ever since then I haven’t really felt like picking it up. Annike read this book this year or last and enjoyed it but I never really felt like reading it. I recently started reading Paper Towns and was convinced that I might get into the story but unfortunately I don’t have the willpower to continue the book anytime soon so I didn’t really get into the story and found it very slow. The Nil by Lynne Matson was a book I was really excited to read but unfortunately about 50 pages in I found the writing had a really weird style and the story line was nothing like I was expecting so I ended up putting it down and not returning to it. The last book, Renegade by J.A Souders was very unique, but after reading the first 3 pages I realised I didn’t like it. It’s probably a very well written book but not my style so I didn’t end up reading it.

Annike: So that is all for today, if you think that any of these books are worth reading or we should really try to get stuck into them or give them a second chance please let us know by commenting down below and you never know, we might end up really enjoying them. Anyways, that’s all for now and we will be back on Saturday hopefully for a new book review. Thanks x


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