Book Review ~ A Step Towards Falling

Annike: Hey guys, its Annike and today is actually me and Zoe’s birthday!! Yay 🙂 Anyways, back on topic, I just finished a really good book by Cammie McGovern called ‘A Step Towards Falling‘. I thought I would do my review today based on a set of questions that would kind of sum up the book so lets get into it!

Star rating: 4/5

Cover rating: 5/5

24605853.jpgEmily has always been the kind of girl who tries to do the right thing—until one night when she does the worst thing possible. She sees Belinda, a classmate with developmental disabilities, being attacked. Inexplicably, she does nothing at all.

Belinda, however, manages to save herself. When their high school finds out what happened, Emily and Lucas, a football player who was also there that night, are required to perform community service at a centre for disabled people. Soon, Lucas and Emily begin to feel like maybe they’re starting to make a real difference. Like they would be able to do the right thing if they could do that night all over again. But can they do anything that will actually help the one person they hurt the most?

What did you think the book was about? Did it meet your expectations? 

So the book was really about a girl and a boy who had seen a girl with disabilities get abused at a football match, and since neither of them did anything to help, the repercussions were that they had to begin volunteering for a set time at a centre for disabled people. From here, it was all about trying to make it up to Belinda who they didn’t help at the game and getting to know a community of disabled people from the centre which was really nice. I didn’t really have any expectations going into this book, Zoe didn’t think it sounded very good and I really just liked the cover (which Zoe hated btw) but I was glad I got something so enjoyable.  

What about the plot? Did it pull you in; or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book?

I think that in the beginning of the book I was definitely pulled in by the plot because it was so interesting and  I really wanted to be reading it at all times but I think that the book seemed to drag out a bit by the end and it wasn’t so much progressing as just flowing through a whole bunch of plot.

Which character do you like the most and why? The least and why? Would you want to meet any of them?

I really liked Emily the most of the characters. The book is split into two perspectives, Emily and Belinda and I couldn’t really relate to Belinda at all being disabled and quite challenging but I really loved Emily being a bit of an outcast but also being so nice. In this way I also really liked Lucas, because he was so genuine and nice and he and Emily together were pure relationship goals 🙂

Did you learn something you didn’t know before? Did your view change?

I definitely learnt a lot more about disabilities and this kind of view point on how life was especially because Belinda had a disability and was narrating it but I didn’t feel like I could really connect with any of these characters.

Name your favourite thing overall about the book. Your least favourite?

My favourite part of the book was probably the dynamic between Emily and Lucas. Most of the book really focused on them getting to know each other and become friends of some sort and I thought it was really great getting to know Lucas as someone who wasn’t just a football player. 

If you could change something about the book what would it be and why?

If I were to change something in this book I think i would try to create a bit more of an interesting plot line especially as the story progresses because you really need something to engage you rather than just have a flowing storyline without something to really pull you in but I did really enjoy such a unique book. There was also near to no mentions of anyone’s parents in this book except for Belinda which I think is not realistic enough because all teenagers still rely on their parents!

Annike: Thanks for reading guys! This book was actually a lot more than I had expected and it does deal with a very important topic that i definitely recommend. If yo have read this please let me know what you thought because I haven’t actually seen it around very much and I’d be very interested in an opinion. Thanks, x



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