Spotlight Movie Tag

Annike: So, we were tagged by Icebreaker694 last week to do this tag. Thank you so much for tagging us, we are really excited to participate in one of these 🙂
Zoe and I are currently out of Sydney on a school trip so we were happy to get up a couple of blog posts up while we are away. Enjoy 🙂

The Rules:
Post the tag image with your post.
Tag people.
Have fun!

1. Uh-oh, not again! What’s a movie that you think is too predictable?

Annike: I’m going to go with 13 going on 30, not a bad movie but yes kind of predictable. 

Zoe: I would have to go with First daughter as I knew what was going to happen at the beginning and whilst it was good it wasn’t very exciting.

imgres.jpg  first_daughter_ver2_xlg.jpg

2. I can’t believe I’m crying! What’s a movie that made you cry (or close to it)?

Annike: Definitely Haachi. Movies with animals are always sad and yes I definitely cried! 😦

Zoe: I would pick Marley and Me because was soooo sad, but I still thought it was amazing and really powerful and I definitely cried.

v1.jpg  url.jpg


3. Ah, the simplest things make me laugh! What’s a movie where even the small comments in it crack you up? 

Zoe: I would have to pick Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I thought it was a very classic humorous movie and loved watching it.

Annike: Haha I’m going to go with Expelled, it wasn’t a particular good movie but because it was so cheesy, Zoe and I were always laughing 🙂

51C3C9AW28L._SY300_.jpg 54dc7bc4b8b9a_-_sev-cameron-dallas-expelled-lgn-10316858.jpg

4. I don’t care if this might not be possible in real life; I love this movie anyway! What’s a sci-fi movie you love?

Annike: I loved The Martian that came out this year as a Sci-Fi movie! (and book)

Zoe: I absolutely LOVED the movie In Time, and thought it was so creative and amazing and one of the best sci-fi movies.

url-2 9.30.24 AM.jpg imgres-1.jpg

5. Ugh, this movie is awful! What’s a movie you did not like at all?

Zoe: I really didn’t like God help the Girl, because I thought that it was a bit depressing and sad, but I thought the songs were alright. (A: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! HOW DARE YOU!)

Annike: I actually hated Amelie as a movie, it was weird, and really strange!

url-1.jpg Amelie_poster.jpg

6. What’s a great horror movie?

HMMM neither of us watch horror movies so yeah we can’t answer this!

7. What’s a romantic comedy you really like?

Annike: I really liked the romantic comedy About time because it was such a sweet romance movie but recently I also watched Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore and I really loved that too!

Zoe: I would have to go with 27 Dresses as I think it is such a cute movie and love the story line.

url-3.jpg url-4.jpg imgres-2.jpg

8. What’s a movie based on a book you really like?

Zoe: My choice would be Maze Runner as I loved the book and movie and thought the movie did a really good job of sticking to the book.

Annike: Definitely The 5th wave, loved the book as well as the movie!

url-2.jpg url 9.30.24 AM.jpg

9. Name a book you wish they’d make into a movie.

Annike: Monument 14, by Emmy Laybourne. Such a good premise and I’d love to see the characters as actors!

Zoe: I would have to pick The Selection and the Selection series as I love the series and think it would make a really cute romantic movie.

url-6.jpg url-5.jpg

10. What’s a horror movie you found more stupid than funny

Again, sorry we don’t do horror movies 🙂
We tag:

Brianna @ Paperback Bri

Mosope and Hannah @ Our Reads

Faith @ My Bookish Year

Sorry if you guys have already done this, we weren’t sure about who had or hadn’t, but also if you want to participate in this, consider yourself tagged 🙂

Zoe: Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our picks and if you agree or have another opinion on one of our choices make sure you tell us in the comments below. Hope you are having a good weekend, and we will be back with another blog soon.


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