The Book Life Tag

Annike: Hey guys, so Zoe and I wanted to do a post together today and do a book tag. We don’t do them very often but we found a ‘Book Life’ tag on a blog (link below) and we thought it looked fun to do, so enjoy 🙂

Who would your parents be?
13574417.jpgZoe: Cara’s parents from Alienated and Invaded by Melissa Landers . I love that this is one of the few book, where the parents aren’t dead or missing for the whole book, and I think that Cara’s parents are really cool and supportive and they have a really good relationship.

Annike: I’d say Grace’s parents from How I lost you by Janet Gurtler. I really liked the banter between all three of them, how her parents are so kind and caring as well as being characteristically embarrassing at some times 🙂

Who would be your sister?
Zoe: May Singer, America’s little sister from The Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I always loved May because she was so loving and cute, and always loved her sister. She was one of the characters which always brightened up the book and I think she would be an amazing sister.

Annike: I really like the character of Blythe from Seven clues to winning you because she seemed a likeable character and while she didn’t have a great relationship with her parents and brother, she was really good to those who she cared and about and cared about her.

Who would be your brother?
18298225Zoe: I would have to go with Tyler from The Taking by Kimberly Derting. I Loved Tyler as a character in the first book, as he just seemed like a really genuine and caring guy and I think that would be good in a brother.

Annike: Any of the brothers from On the Fence by Kasie West. I guess I’d go with Jerom who seemed to be the MC’s closest brother but they were all such sweet and supportive brothers whom I would be happy to have!

Who would be your pet?
Zoe: I would have to say the dog Bandit from the book The Awakened by Sara Elizabeth. He wasn’t a big part, but was a 3 year old German Shepherd and was portrayed as the most loyal and loving dog, and seeing as I love dogs, I would have to say him.

Annike: OMG I actually spent forever thinking of this one but then instantly I remembered the dog Bernie Kosar from I am Number Four, and I remember being literally obsessed with him when I watched the movie and read the book so he would be my choice!

Where would you live?
23264825.jpgZoe: I would live in the life of Zoe, from How Zoe Made her Dreams (mostly) Come True, by Sarah Strohmeyer. I would love to live in her world as she works at an amusement park, and everyone is super cool and nice so I would love her life.

: I think it would be fun to be in the shoes of the characters from The 100 by Kass Morgan and see what it was like living in space for a while and eventually travelling back to Earth.

Who would be your best friend?
13265540Zoe: I would definitely pick Ivy, from the book Red by Alison Cherry. She is seriously the best friend, with such a unique personality, and I love that she stands out and is confident in herself, and most of all really humorous, so I would love her as a best friend.

Annike: I’d love to have Jarra from the Earth Girl series by Janet Edwards as my book BFF. Jarra is so cool and inspirational and she works so hard despite her differences in the novel. She’s super strong and she’s be an awesome best friend.

Who would be your significant other?
Zoe: I would have to say Callum from Reboot and Rebel by Amy Tintera. I loved Callum because he was such a genuine, sweet and caring character and thought that he really made the book awesome so he would be my significant other.

Annike: I recently read In Real Life by Jessica Love and I really liked Nick in this story who was the main character, Hannah’s best friend. Although he did lie about a few things, the ending was so beautiful and he would be my significant other ❤
Zoe: Thanks for reading this book life tag and we hope you enjoyed reading what characters of our favourite books we would like in our own lives. If you agree with these characters or have anyone who you would change, make sure to mention it in the comments. Thanks for reading, and we will be back with another blog soon. xx



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