In Real Life – Book Review

Annike: Hey guys, so this month has been a bit of a slow reading month for Zoe and I, so I decided to write about a book I read last month that I really enjoyed. Sorry if our posting is a bit staggered at the moment, school is busy and its hard to get the time in, but we love blogging and will continue to try and get posts out a couple times a week.

urlHannah Cho and Nick Cooper have been best friends since 8th grade. They talk for hours on the phone, and know everything there is to know about one another. There’s just one problem: Hannah and Nick have never actually met.

Hannah has spent her entire life doing what she’s supposed to, so she decides to break a rule or two and road trip to Las Vegas, her older sister and BFF in tow, to surprise Nick and finally declare her feelings for him. 

Hannah’s gesture backfires when she gets to Vegas and finds out that Nick has been keeping some major secrets. Hannah knows the real Nick can’t be that different from the online Nick, but now she only has a night to figure out what her feelings for Nick really are, while discovering how life can change when you break the rules every now and then. 


So, the story focuses on a girl called Hannah who I really liked as a character, she was quite a relatable character who had been following the rules for so much of her life, so when she impulsively decided to go to Las Vegas to finally meet her best friend it was an exciting adventure. Her sister Grace and best ‘real life’ friend Lo, were both slightly problematic during the book. I wasn’t too keen on Grace because she had recently had a bad break-up and was whining for most of the book, but Lo was supportive and funny which was fun to read about. Both of them screwed up by leaving Hannah that night in Vegas when she really needed the support. The three girls were a diverse in race and that was refreshing as well for a Young Adult book.

As for Nick, Hannah’s long distance best friend, I thought he was another great character. When Hannah arrived at Vegas we found out that Nick had been keeping a few secrets which instantly pushed Hannah away and didn’t make me too happy. But as the book went on it was great to see how he was similar to the Nick that Hannah was best friends with when she was miles away. He seemed like a genuine good guy and he and Hannah seemed perfect for each other.


I think that one of my favourite parts of this book was being able to see quite a bit of the past and the connection that was formed between Nick and Hannah before they ended up meeting because the story practically began when they were days away from seeing each other for the first time (whether Nick knew it or not).

It was exciting to see a online relationship vs IRL. It is a really unique concept that I have never seen before so I really got into it. Some of the story did get a bit bland considering that it was all over pretty much one night. But honestly, it was really beautifully written by Jessica Love and it really made me feel very connected to the characters and the plot. Plus the ending is to die for! 🙂

In Real Life: 4.5/5 stars

In Real Life

Annike: So yeah, In Real Life in my opinion is a really fantastic book. From the ratings I’ve seen on sites such as Goodreads, I feel like a little bit of a minority, quite a few people didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did but personally it is such a sweet book that really developed it’s characters and was griping from the beginning.

Have you read the book? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you thought. 



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