April TBR Lists

Annike: Hey Guy so, so these are just a few books that we are hoping to read this April. Because it is holidays this month I am hoping to read a couple more, but I’m aiming to finish these one first. So let’s get into it, here are our lists:

Annike’s books

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.40.19 AM.png

1. This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp: So I’ve been wanting to read this book since before it came out in January. It is a book about a shooting, and I’m really hoping for something especially amazing because of it’s strong topic.

2. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill: This book was actually on my TBR list for March if you’ve seen that. I didn’t end up getting to it, I’m not really sure why, but I am hoping to get to it this month because it looks quite good.

3. Vortex by Julie Cross: This is the 2nd book of a trilogy. I got the first book several years ago but only ended up reading the book last year and am very excited for the 2nd one considering how good it was.

4. For Real by Alison Cherry: So this book was recommended to me by Zoe. I’m excited to give it a try considering the other books on my TBR have darker themes and this one looks more lighthearted.


Zoe’s Books:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.40.28 AM.png

1. The Heir by Kiera Cass: I have read the first 3 of the selection series and am really looking forward to reading this one in a new perspective from the first 3 books.

2. Fracture by Megan Miranda: I thought this book looked really cool and i have little to know idea what it is about but i hope I will be pleasantly surprised by this book.

3. Burn Out by Kristi Helvig: I saw this book and I really liked the plot and it sounds different to a lot of the books i have been reading lately so I figured having a change couldn’t be a bad thing.

4. Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne: This was Annike’s favourite book of last year and she raved about it so much that I thought I would give it ago and hopefully I will enjoy it as much as she did! (A: Yes you’re finally reading it!!)


Zoe: Thanks for reading our TBR list for APRIL!!  We hope you enjoyed reading it, and leave a comment if you have read any of these books and enjoyed them. We might be reviewing a few of these books over the coming month depending if we read them so make sure you keep an eye out if you want to know how they were or want to read them. Bye x


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