Cover Comparisons

Zoe: Hi guys today Annike and I are going to be doing a cover compare blog where we judge which of the books covers we like the most. I love book covers and i thought this would be a cool thing to do, so let’s get into it. 

  1. Speechless by Hannah Harrington

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.37.04 pm.png

Annike: This one is an easy one for me. I definitely have to go for the one on the left. I read this book last year and really loved it but I had the white cover and would have loved to have the other one!

Zoe: I’m going to have to agree with Annike on this one. The one on the left is absolutely amazing. I do like the other one and I said that to Annike when she read the book because it is so simplistic but the left one would definitely make me want to read the book.

  1. Revived by Cat Patrick


Zoe: I LOVE all of these covers. I haven’t read the book, but i would say i like the one in the middle the most just because it is really simple and i love the layout.

Annike: Hmmmm, once again, I’ve read this book and in this instance I had the the cover in the middle, which Zoe is a fan of. I’m not very big on the cover on the left, but I can’t pick between the other 2, I might go with the on the right to differentiate 🙂

  1. The Disenchantments by Nina Lacour


Annike: I haven’t read of heard about the disenchantments but I think the covers are both really interesting. I would have to go with Cover number 1 on the left for this one because it just seems more appealing 🙂

Zoe: I would also go with number 1. I think it has a more ‘pretty’ cover and looks like a really fun and lighthearted book.

  1. The Originals by Cat Patrick

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.36.01 am.png

Annike: LOVE NUMBER 1! It is absolutely gorgeous, and although I never came in contact with this cover when i read the book, it definitely beats number 2 🙂

Zoe: I have read the Originals with the cover on the right hand side, but I love the originality of the cover on the left as well as the colour and layout looks amazing so I would have to go with the 1st one. 

  1. Earth Girl by Janet Edwards

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.24.25 pm.png

Zoe: I know Annike has read this book with the middle cover but I have to say I really like the 3rd cover because it looks really creepy and I love people in book covers because I find them more interesting and original.

Annike: Zoe is very right here, I read this book (middle cover edition) and absolutely loved it! I don’t love edition 1 on the left, looks a bit creepy but I do love cover 2, which was the one I ended up reading 🙂

Annike: Well that is it for us today. If you agree with our options, disagree or have read any of these books feel free to comment it down below. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing Easter!!

Bye! x


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