Harry Potter Tag

Harry Potter Tag

Annike: Hello again, sorry posts have been few and far between for a little while. School is heating up and it’s been hard to come across free time but Zoe and I are back for a tag.

Zoe: We both LOVE Harry Potter so we decided we would answer a series of Harry Potter questions. Lets get into it:)


Favourite book?

Annike: I can’t choose between The Goblet of fire (4) and The Deathly Hallows (7). They really are all great books but the last book was absolutely amazing and the 4th was exciting with the triwizard tournament.

Zoe: I like the Goblet of Fire as well, because I thought the Triwizard tournament was amazing to watch!

Favourite movie?

Zoe: I really liked the 5th movie because it wasn’t as dark as the other ones and I thought it was a lots of fun to watch with Dumbledore’s army. 

Annike: Again while all the movies were really well made I’d have to pick the last two movies. The actors were all amazing and a lot more mature. The plot was really exciting and of course I loved the ending.

Favourite character?

Annike: From the beginning I would have to say Ginny. She is so powerful and awesome, although I may have liked her a bit more in the books than the movies.

Zoe: I would definitely pick Neville because I thought he grew up so much in both the books and movies and it was really cool to see how much he changed and grew into his personality.


If you were on the quidditch team what position would you play?

Zoe: I would pick chaser because it looks like a really fun position but of course I wouldn’t really mind where I’d play, seeing as it is quidditch.

Annike: hmmm… Well I wouldn’t want to play keeper and seeker just seems like a lot of pressure. I think chaser might be fun but differentiating from Zoe here, means in going to pick beater.


Favourite marauder?

Annike: I love padfoot (Sirius) simply because he is a generally awesome character! His patronus is awesome as well.

Zoe: I’m going to go with Prongs (James) because I love Harrys parents and his patronus.

What house would you be in?

Annike: I’d love to be in Ravenclaw. I’m not incredibly clever but it seems like a generally down to earth and interesting house. Plus I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore 🙂

Zoe: I agree with Annike, it’s not the most popular house (I know everyone would say Gryffindor, because Harry was in it), but I think Ravenclaws all seem pretty genuine.

What class would you most like to take?

Zoe: I’d probably pick care for magical creates because i love animals and think it would be so cool to meet animals like buck beak:)

Annike: Transfiguration. Because Mcgonagall seems like a kick ass teacher.


If you could bring one character back to life who would it be?

Annike: I’d definitely pick Sirius, simply because he and Harry didn’t have enough time together and he was Harry’s only kind of family.

Zoe: I’d pick Snape because no-one ever knew that he was the good guy and I think he didn’t deserve to die.

What deathly hallow would you pick?

Annike: If they all actually worked, I think I would chose the resurrection stone because who wouldn’t want to bring someone back? But only if it brought them back fully not in like a ghost form.

Zoe: I’d pick the invisibility cloak (obviously) because it would be awesome to be invisible and you could have so much fun with no-one knowing.

What character would be your best friend?

Zoe: Probably Luna Lovegood because I love her and I think she’s awesome and would be really interesting to be around.

Annike: I’d pick Ginny to be my best friend but Hermione seems like a generally awesome person too. So I’m not really sure 😛


Zoe: That’s all the questions for today. Hope you enjoyed reading our Harry Potter tag and that you love Harry Potter as much as us, because the book and movies are AWESOME and if you haven’t read or watched them you definitely should!

Annike: Hope you have a good week and we will be back with another book review soon 🙂 

Bye x



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