Top 5 Young Adult Covers


Zoe: Hey guys, we are back today with our top 5 favourite YA book covers. These are books which we may or may not have read, but we picked them because we LOVED their covers:) We have seen blogs such as: disappointing eye candy, done a lot around WordPress in the last couple of weeks and though we would give it a go, but not with disappointing storylines, but ones which we either really want to read or have read and loved.  

Annike: I know for a fact that Zoe is obsessed with picking her books sometimes entirely based on their covers, against contrary belief but without further ado let’s get right into it. In no particular order, here are our top 5 favourite Young Adult covers!

1. Uninvited by Sophie Jordan



Annike: So I fell in love with this book.  The moment I picked it up I was obsessed with it, and it was also an amazing book! I’d definitely recommend it.  

Zoe: LOVE this cover. I haven’t read the book, but think it looks awesome based entirely off the cover and super cool and mysterious.


2. How Zoe made her Dreams (mostly) come true by Sarah Strohmeyer



Zoe: I think this cover looks super awesome and really cute. I REALLY want to read it, but can’t find it anywhere, but I hope that I can read it in the future and hope it doesnt disappoint me. ❤

Annike: Personally I think Zoe wants to read this book, and liked the cover because it‘s protagonists shares her name 🙂 But i can’t deny that it looks like a really sweet story.  


3. Rapture by Lauren Kate



Annike: So neither of us have ever read this book, but since this whole post is based on judging books by it’s cover I can safely say that this looks like an awesome read 🙂

Zoe: I think this cover is amazing. This is part of a series called Fallen, and although I don’t think I would read the book because it’s not really my type, the cover is one of my all time favourites.


4. Young, Gifted and Dead by Lucy Carver



Zoe: I HAVE read this book and I bought it because I thought the cover was awesome. I think the book definitely didn’t disappoint the cover, as it was an awesome, mystery, action packed book which I would definitely recommend.

Annike: Only because Zoe has fawned over this book so much, do I know anything about it, but it does look very well thought out (cover wise). It looks promising even if it isn’t my favourite genre.


5. Rules of Summer



Annike: So last but not least, is a book I read last year. I loved the cover but I hated the blurb, and to my pleasant surprise the book turned out to be really good and exceeded my expectations.

Zoe: I think this cover looks really cool. I love the sunset in the cover and it looks like a really cool and relaxing read.



Annike: So there you have it, out favourite 5 Young Adult book covers, thanks for reading.  

Zoe: Hope you thought these covers were as cool as we did and maybe try reading them to see if you enjoy them.

Annike and Zoe: Bye x



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