Book Review: Reboot and Rebel by Amy Tintera

Reboot: 365 Pages, Published: May 7 2013, Author: Amy Tintera

Rebel: 340 Pages, Published: May 13 2014, Author: Amy Tintera

Annike: So last year both Zoe and I read the Reboot Duology: Reboot and Rebel by Amy Tintera and both really enjoyed it (Zoe a bit more than me). The story follows a 17 year old girl called Wren, who died and was brought back as a reboot, who are both stronger and less emotional. Reboot follows Wren, who gets assigned to train a newcomer: Callum and defies HARC (Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation) in order to save Callum from being ‘eliminated’ (killed). Rebel which is the follow up of this book then follows both Wren and Callum and their journey after they make it out of HARC and to safety. Both of them are done with fighting but the camp are preparing for a war against the humans who have shunned them for so long.

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Annike: So we figured we’d write a review about both of the books to address some of the things we liked and others that we thought could have been improved on. There may be some spoilers in the following review so if you wish to read the books or are currently reading them, BEWARE! 🙂


What was good and what was not so good in these books?

Zoe: I thought these books were really good. It was very different from all the other Young Adult dystopian novels which is why is was so successful, as it had a really clever concept and storyline. I thought the development of the characters, Wren and Callum was impressive as it reversed gender stereotypes, with Wren being the one who did a lot of the fighting and saved Callum a number of times.

Annike: I agree with Zoe’s point here. It’s refreshing to see such dominant and powerful women characters in books and although in the 21st century so many books have women protagonists, I always enjoy these books because they are easy to relate to. But of course that is just my opinion and Rebel even has both Wren and Callum’s perspectives which is a win-win.

Zoe: It is a fast, action packed novel which couldn’t be more original. I loved the friendship between Wren and Ever (Wren’s roommate) as I thought it was really nice for Wren to have such a good friend. My favourite character was definitely Callum as I thought his character was really well developed through the books as he grew into his skin more and realised that his number didn’t define him and also he made Wren realise the same thing. I think that although he was such a low number, this made him more human and made Wren realise she was more than just someone who needed to help HARC but she could be herself.

Annike: Hmmm good point, I think personally what is so great about this book is that the dialogue is really well written and it can get you to laugh because it is surprisingly funny for what seems like such a dark topic. However the plot and the events didn’t seem to capture me as much as i thought they would.


“Do that thing where you look blank, like you have no feelings at all.”
“I think that’s just my face.” 
― Reboot

Zoe: One of the things which I didn’t dislike but had a slight problem with was the way Wren was developed in the beginning of the book. Because she was such a high number, Amy Tintera focused a lot on the fact that Wren didn’t have many emotions and wasn’t human like at all, and I feel like when we jumped into the action Wren changed a bit fast without any explanation. I thought the endings of both books were both successful and rebel wrapped up the series really well.

Annike: Personally, what threw off of this book was the fact that so much of the book focuses on the relationship between Wren and Callum rather than simply developing an engaging story that is focused on defying HARC. By the half way point of Reboot, Wren and Callum have already escaped HARC and the book becomes less about Wren saving Callum from the place and becomes more about survival skills outside the complex. 

 Overall Comments?

Zoe: I thought this book was really successful and had a really original and interesting plot, with well developed characters.

Annike: Although I agree with Zoe, I think this book had a lot of promise and it did fulfil many expectations, but not ALL of them. However it has both Action and romance along with humour and although it was a good book it wasn’t one of my favourites.

Annikeimgres-1  ~ 3.5 stars

Zoe: imgres-2  ~ 4.5 stars

Recommended for Girls aged: 12-15

If you like these books or like the sound of them make sure to check out: 



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