Twin Tales – Young Adults Book Reviews


Welcome to Twin Tales – Young Adult Book Reviews and More…

Annike: Hi, our names are Annike, (left)

Zoe: And Zoe (right)

Annike: Here’s a little background information about the two of us: Zoe and I are identical twins, currently living in Sydney Australia, however we were born in Wellington, New Zealand. We are both in High School, enjoy reading, playing soccer and each play a musical instrument.

Zoe: On this blog we will be reviewing young adult books which we read. We will do a variety of different blog posts including comparisons of books, movie vs books, ratings and book recommendations. This blog will give you good book ideas for the year and help young adult readers find good books to read in all different genres.

Annike: Here are some questions and answers for you to get to know us a little bit better.

Favourite Colour: Yellow or black 🙂

Favourite subject at school: Maths or Design Tech

Hobbies: I love debating, playing the clarinet, soccer and of course READING!

Favourite book of last year: My favourite book of 2015 was ‘Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne’ which was book 1 of the Monument 14 trilogy.

Favourite Animal: Polar bear

Favourite number: 17!!!!!!!!!!


Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite subject at school: Photography

Hobbies: Photography and SOCCER!!!!!

Favourite book of last year: Reboot and Rebel by Amy Tintera

Favourite animal: Seal

Favourite number: 2

Annike: That’s just a little bit of information about us. Bye! x

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2006                                                                          2016



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